The Hollywood Sign: New Perspectives Press Release

“The Hollywood Sign: New Perspectives” A New Limited Edition Print Series by Ted VanCleave

Ted VanCleave has released his new limited edition print series “The Hollywood Sign: New Perspectives.” This new photographic series presents the famous Hollywood Sign from unique perspectives not available to the public. The Hollywood Sign is closed to the public for safety and security reasons, but VanCleave obtained permission to shoot the sign up close and personal.

VanCleave states: “With the entertainment award season in full swing, no other symbol exemplifies movies, television and music more than the Hollywood Sign. It's a powerful international icon that personifies and celebrates all things Hollywood to the world at large.”

VanCleave’s new series, The Hollywood Sign: New Perspectives, features 16 new images of the Sign as it has never been seen before. “With this series I felt it was important to show the Sign from new perspectives. I’m presenting new points of view so you can get a sense of how rugged the terrain is, and how steep the mountainside is. You get to the see how the sign is firmly planted into the almost cliff-like wall of rocks and the sparse plant life surrounding it. Since most people only view the sign from miles away, I wanted to give them the sense of being there with me, on the mountain, embracing the poetic grace of the Sign. Standing on top of Mount Lee, overlooking the sprawling LA basin, it’s hard not to feel a sense of wonderment and history that embodies the Sign.”

All of the images were shot recently except the dramatic image of Mount Lee on fire (HS #402). “The image of Mount Lee on fire was taken on March 30th, 2007 when more than 200 firefighters, multiple engine crews and fire fighting helicopters battled the 150 acre blaze. In front of the billowing smoke, in the middle of the photo, that little white speck is actually a very large fire suppression helicopter. Fortunately the Sign was not damaged in the fire.”

About the Hollywood Sign: The Hollywood Sign is monumental in size. Each letter stands 55 feet tall, as tall as a five-story building. Originally built as a marketing tool for a new real estate development called Hollywoodland, it was erected in 1923. By the early 1970’s the Sign had fallen into disrepair. In 1978, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner held a gala at his mansion, where he and eight other donors, including rock musician Alice Cooper, pledged nearly $28,000 each to fund a replacement.

About Ted VanCleave: Artworks by Ted VanCleave can be found in collections in the USA and internationally and have been acquired by the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation as part of their permanent collection. His interviews on CNN among others have received a worldwide audience. His art has been exhibited alongside works by Gerhard RichterLucio FonatanaAlexander CalderDamien Hirst and Andy Warhol. His limited edition prints, sculptures and works on paper are available at:

Behind the Hollywood Sign Press Release

“Behind the Hollywood Sign” Fine Art Photography Series Released by Artist Ted VanCleave 

Artist Ted VanCleave has released his new fine art photography series “Behind the Hollywood Sign.” This new art series presents the famous Hollywood Sign from a unique perspective rarely available to the public.

“My new series provides a rare view of the Hollywood Sign that is unknown to most people. It's a bit edgy, allowing you to see the structure of the Sign with it's braces and corrugated facade. If you look closely you can see security cameras and maintenance ladders mounted to it.” States VanCleave; “From behind the Sign you can see greater Los Angeles and Lake Hollywood and you can even see helicopters flying by. Of course The Sign is more than the sum of it's parts. It's more than giant letters overlooking LA. It has a life, a life of it's own. And this series allows you to see Los Angeles from the perspective of the Hollywood Sign, from the top of Mt Lee, 1,800 ft high staring down on the sprawling flatlands of Los Angeles, from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean."

VanCleave continues; “My new series, Behind The Hollywood Sign, features 18 new images of the Sign as it has never been seen before, behind the facade, the unseen side, yet still filled with history and mystery.”

“The Hollywood Sign is more than a sign. It's more than a symbol. It's a powerful international icon that's larger than life both literally and figuratively. It's about imagination. It's about dreams. It personifies the movie and TV industries and celebrities and movie stars, and it has a power that draws us to it like a magnet.”

About Ted VanCleave: Ted VanCleave's art has received numerous honors and distinctions. His work was selected by Laura Rosenstock, curator of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, to appear in the Faber Birren Color Award Show, and he was awarded Top National Honors from the prestigious National Watercolor Society. Featured interviews of VanCleave have received a worldwide audience on CNN among other networks. His highly stylized photographs, innovative sculptures and vibrant abstract paintings offer an exciting new approach to these popular media.

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